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2,000 electric cars from VW for a new car sharing service

VW announced that the deployment of what could be one of the largest all-electric car fleets through its new ‘We Share‘ car sharing service. Berlin is going to be the first city to get the service and it will start with a 2,000 electric cars. VW’s electric vehicles are already being used in third-party car-sharing

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Volkswagen e-Golf – small but pragmatic

Some say Volkswagen e-Golf is much easier to drive than BMW’s i3. Still e-Golf offers much smoother driving with a 9 out of 10 driving score, summarizing that it is an ideal alternative to the i3 that has more precision at a lower price. New battery, new details For 2017, Volkswagen swapped out its 24.2-kWh battery

You could drive 423 km and still have kWh left with these 10 electric cars

It’s all about operating range when it comes to electric cars, with the best of the genre able to run for a several day’s drive on a charge, but with the worst barely able to make it out to the suburbs and back without having to be tethered to an outlet. Tesla still leads all automakers

The 2018 Golf GTI gets no more power in the US

A year before, Volkswagenpresented a facelifted Golf for the European market, but didn't say all the details for US . We've got now some info about the US-spec 2018 GTI and Golf R before their presentation at New York Auto Show. For 2018, all GTI different models will make 220 horsepower, therewithal of whether or not the Performance Package is ordered,

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VW need to balance production in North America, to meet the Trumps big tax threats

Volkswagen facing problem after problem in U.S. market. After acceptance to pay more than $23 billion to cover its diesel-cheating scandal, the German car maker is facing the president Donald Trumps proposed border tax in amount of 35%, due to the biggest production on the continent is in Mexico, while in U.S. is limited. Nevertheless,

VW presented its competitive three row SUV 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

First impression of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, is immense interior. According to the professionals the vehicle is not what they expected, but from the other side, this three row family hauler is coming at the right time for the carmaker who is still struggling with the consequences of the diesel emission scandal, and at the

Volkswagen and Prevent Group continuing cooperation

Volkswagen ending its dispute with the two suppliers for the models Golf and Passat and the production of those two popular models will be continued. Conflict was raised earlier this week, when WV allegedly stopped payments for the agreed costs. Cutting the supplies has caused adjournment in the German plants for Golf and Passat on

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