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Tesla’s Elon Musk Loses “Twitter Sitter” Battle In Court

You win some, you lose some. This should become Tesla CEO Elon Musk's motto these days, as it seems he's constantly in court. Moreover, it seems he often wins even if it's not expected, and loses on many occasions as well. This recent "Twitter Sitter" ruling marks another setback for Musk, and it's especially ironic

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Man, 56, dies after getting trapped in Southern California car wash

A man was killed inside a Southern California car wash after he got out of his vehicle and as w pinned against machinery, authorities said Monday. The fatal accident happened late Friday at a self-service car wash in the 2100 block of East Valley Parkway in Escondido, which is about 35 miles north of downtown

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This is NYC subway shooter!

Kenneth Foote-Smith was on the subway when a gunman detonated a smoke canister, sending commuters into panic. He saw women screaming and "banging on the door," and a man trying to open the subway car door, "fighting for his life." "That's when I knew something was very, very wrong and that's before the gunshots even

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HOW?! – Family’s car destroyed by black bear trapped inside

A black bear made its way into a family’s car in North Carolina, destroying the inside before crashing through the windshield to escape. Ashely McGowin told WLOS she first noticed her hazard lights on when she let her dogs out early in the morning, but when the dogs began to bark, she went outside and

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Cryptocurrency price latest: Bitcoin rises over $43,000, other cryptos in green

Bitcoin rose over $43,000 and other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, were trading in green. The global crypto market was in a stable mode. Bitcoin was trading 5.19 per cent at $43,025 after the US central bank Chair made a strict monetary policy statement. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after bitcoin, Ethereum was trading at $3,026.

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Bad news for car and tech prices in South Africa

After two years of semiconductor chip shortages and supply-chain issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, tech and vehicle prices face another knock after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, says senior economist at Absa CIB Peter Worthington. With Ukraine and Russia together accounting for 70% of the world’s exports of neon gas, the conflict may impair the

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Should You Buy Ethereum While It’s Still Below $3,000?

If there's anything that cryptocurrency investors know by now, it's that the price of coins can fluctuate dramatically. For example, back in November, Ethereum's (ETH) price was closing in $5,000, but its value has tumbled over the past few months. With inflation at a 40-year high and the Federal Reserve poised to raise interest rates

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Used-car prices in the US are dropping again

After surging to record-high levels over the past six months, US used car prices started dropping in February. But used cars are still nearly 40% more expensive than they were in February 2021, thanks to supply shortages of new vehicles. It’s still worth selling your old jalopy, in other words. Why used cars are still

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The Sale Of Replica Cars Is Now LEGAL In The US

If you desire something truly special and exotic but can't shell out the money needed for a Bugatti Chiron or similar, a well-engineered and designed replica should do the job. Any number of specialist companies can make your dream come true and, whether you desire a $1.2 million Cobra or a modernized Ferrari 250 GTO,

Crypto prices jump as the Russia-Ukraine war escalates

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices are jumping following a plunge this week in the value of Russia's currency — a sign, according to some analysts, that Russian investors are shifting their money out of the ruble as economic sanctions against the country for its invasion of Ukraine take hold. Bitcoin on Wednesday rose to $44,188

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