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Tesla will upgrade Autopilot driving system

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Tesla is trying to reduce crashes, impeachment and bad press by severing autopilot, after fatal crash of a driver operating a car with its Autopilot system engaged earlier this summer, causes lots of headlines and involvement of Federal safety officials with their investigation.

Even though the Autopilot system has been the subject of a federal investigation since regulators revealed in late June that the driver of a Tesla Model S sedan, Joshua Brown, was killed on May 7 when his vehicle crashed into a tractor-trailer in Florida, company has defend the self-driving technology as safe when properly used.

Electric cars maker making changes to reduce drivers misuse

The accident from May was reported as the first fatal accident involving a self-driving car. This was the huge crisis for the company. However, the other crushes that happened provoke the investigations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, and a U.S. Senate safety committee.

Many of them are the result of bad driving, or failure to understand the system. Nevertheless, several groups challenged Tesla to set aside its technology and upgrade it to the level until becomes completely probative.

According to the Elecktrek reports, producer is reducing the system to cut down the drivers misuse, and it will be done through adding safety features to the system in order to avoid repeating earlier accidents. Basically, in the future drivers will be prevented to enter certain features, if the system will recognize that the rules are not followed.

As the prevention measures all Tesla’s cars equipped with autopilot from time to time warning the drivers to keep the hands on the steering wheel. If the driver ignores the multiple warnings while the Autopilot is turned on, the system is shutting down the Autopilot.

Now, update of a version 8.0 of the software will have new response. In the case of drivers neglecting of the commands the vehicle will shut down the Autopilot. Driver be prevented to start the system again until the vehicle is stopped and placed transmission in position “Park”

Message of this upgrade is clear: If you use the system in proper manner, software will not lock you out.

From the automaker headquarters was not yet announced when the upgrade will be available, but one is sure – release will need to happen.

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