Mercedes-Benz Doubled All-Electric Car Sales In Q3 2022

Mercedes-Benz Cars reports 520,100 global car sales during the third quarter of 2022, which is 20% more than a year ago. The number includes 517,800 Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars (up 21%) and a small number of vans. The German manufacturer clearly is recovering from the weaker first part of the year. The most important thing for

Your new Volvo EX90 gives you the info you need – when you need it

The Volvo EX90 is packed with information that can help give you a more enjoyable, less stressful driving experience. Head-up displays are valuable for keeping your eyes on the road – especially for new drivers, who sometimes find it difficult to keep track of everything happening around them. The Volvo EX90 is packed with information

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Plug-In Car Sales In China Surged 78% In September 2022

The Chinese passenger car market noted another positive month with a 10% year-over-year increase in sales in September. Meanwhile, the plug-in electric car segment is booming, reaching a new record level and taking more than a third of the total market. According to EV Volumes' data, shared by Jose Pontes, some 636,000 new passenger plug-in

GMC Sierra Denali EV Edition 1 Sold Out In Less Than 24 Hours

The $108,695 GMC Sierra Denali EV Edition 1 is officially sold out. The range-topping version of the Sierra EV could be reserved with a fully refundable deposit of just $100 so it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that allocations are now full. Those still interested in reserving an Edition 1 will now

Lincoln Asking Dealers To Invest Up To $900,000

Lincoln dealers need to invest $900,000 on chargers and other upgrades if they want to sell the brand's upcoming electric vehicles. That's more than quadruple what rival Cadillac is mandating from its dealers, Automotive News reports, with the requirement mainly covering the costs of installing EV chargers for public use as well as in-house sales

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Tesla Model Y Sales Skyrocketing

When the Tesla Model Y first came to market, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it would be the electric automaker's best-selling vehicle going forward. This may have been hard for some people to believe since it was really just an inflated Model 3, and quite pricey. That said, it began to become clear rather quickly

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Tesla’s Market Share Improved

During the third quarter of this year, Tesla once again expanded its market share, reaching new record levels, although the growth rate slowed down. According to the industry data (trailing twelve months), Tesla's market share in the US/Canada (counted together) appears to be somewhere around 3.3% and is moving toward 3.5%. In Europe and China,

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BMW To Move MINI EV Production From UK To China

BMW Group will reportedly stop making electric MINIs in the United Kingdom by the end of 2023 and move production to China once the next-generation Cooper SE model launches. The German automaker has decided to make electric hatchbacks and a small electric crossover in China through its Spotlight Automotive Limited joint venture with Great Wall Motor. BMW announced

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New Jeep Avenger EV Debuts In Paris

If you live in the United States you won’t be able to get one, but if you live in Europe, South America or Japan, then you will soon be able to order the new Jeep Avenger, the company’s smallest offering, which will slot in below the Renegade. It’s going to be built in Poland at

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This country plans to put 2 million electric motorcycles on the road in the next 3 years

Unlike electric cars with their high prices and large footprints (both geometric and carbon footprints), electric motorcycles represent some of the smallest and most affordable electric vehicles on the planet. That’s why many countries are eschewing popular electric cars in favor of two-wheeled EVs. While Europeans have embraced motorcycles and scooters as somewhat common alternative

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