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Amazing Gadgets for your car or truck

The Dashboard Car DVR Camera PapaGo GS330, Records Your Trips And Assist You

The camera on the dashboard is often necessary for every driver today. They record footage in case of an unhappy event (read crash), many insurance companies accept them as proofs for identifying accident liability, can be used to record trips for fun and, last but not least, can passively assist you while driving. There are

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Automotive industry approaching the new lightning technologies

After incorporating LED lights into the standard equipment in the most of the cars, new generation of lightening can come into the automotive industry. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are light emitting panels made from organic (carbon based) materials that emit light when electricity is applied. OLED are used today to make beautiful and efficient

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Virtual Assistance becoming reality in the next generation cars

Virtual assistance is becoming the reality and new driving companion. In the near future drivers will have company of speech-activated virtual assistants -- Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. It is going to be, for sure, important and useful gadgets because it can remind the driver not to forget to fulfill daily activities, such as buying

Harman invested in Navdy and he’s projecting device

Harman International Industries Inc. invested in Navdy - a startup company from Silicon Valley. As a part of the agreement, Harman will distribute new co-branded Navdy with Harman device to automotive industry. We are talking about driving device that projects information on front of car windshields. Device will be available in January of 2017. This

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Tesla taking back charging adapters from the market

After two customers complained for overheating of electric vehicle charging adapters, Tesla Motors Inc. Will take back about 7,000 units of its product. This decision was made by the company since two reports of overheating and melting plastic on the plugs comes last months, and rarely used item is no longer sold through the company’s

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Denso is taking part in car-sharing technology study

Automotive supplier Denso announced their plan to take part in study together with University of Michigan-Dearborn students. The study is to determinate what technologies may be needed for a new car-sharing segment. The study is called MDrive, and beside Denso, NextEnergy LLC from Detroit is funding the study. It will take part at University of

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NHTSA proposes new voluntary guidelines

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a new set of voluntary guidelines. They are meant to reduce rising number of deaths caused by distracted driving. The guidelines apply to device makers and app developers such as Apple, Google and others, according to a NHTSA spokesman. They should encourage portable and aftermarket electronic device

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Apple building a car project in Canada?

Bloomberg reported that Apple is working in the office in Ottawa, Canada, and the team which is mainly gathered with former BlackBerry engineers is dedicated to building software for its unofficial car project. It started earlier this year when Dan Doge, started working in for Silicon Valley giant. He was former CEO of QNX, BlackBerry's

GM cars with the new OnStar Go platform getting IBM Watson

So called “first cognitive mobility platform” is going to be created in cooperation General Motors and International Business Machines Corporation. Two giants are using the latter IBM’s Watson learning supercomputer, which is a continuation of GM’s OnStar offering called ‘OnStar Go’. This means that cars with new product it’s going to be installed will be

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Genesis luxury cars connected with Amazon’s Alexa

Owners of the Hyundai sub-brand Genesis vehicles will soon have new possibilities for speak commands to their cars from outside the vehicle. This producer becomes the first one who will develop certain commands trough the apps. This system will work through the devices such as Echo, Dot, or Tap. Partnership is already alive. Owners who

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