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Marc Nikolov, passionate about new cars and gagets.

2021 UIM XCAT World Championship – Fujairah GP – Days 1 & 2

The CATS are back! On Tuesday, 30th of November and Wednesday, 1st of December, the cream of the crop of the powerboating world planed through the majestic shores of the 'Mountain Emirate', Fujairah (UAE). Day 1 The first Pole Position session of the season, defining the starting grid for the first race of the 2021 UIM

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Virtual International Federation Forum 2021

Global Sports Leaders Urged to Collaborate on Post-Tokyo 2020 Momentum at Virtual IF Forum LAUSANNE, Switzerland – The international sports movement can emerge from the pandemic in stronger shape if International Federations (IFs) continue to work together to build on the momentum of Tokyo 2020, delegates heard at Virtual IF Forum. More than 400 sports leaders

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Rebelle Rally – Stage 7 Powered by TOTAL CHAOS

The Rebelle Rally starts innocently enough with an unscored day en route to the first base camp. Do not be fooled though, this event is a pressure cooker for drivers and navigators alike. Rebelle Founder Emily Miller and Course Director Jimmy Lewis set up the course to be increasingly difficult for each day of competition,

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Rebelle Rally – Stage 5

Rebelle competitors spent the night near Rasor OHV Area on the marathon leg of the rally, where they self-camped without the luxuries of base camp. STAGE 5 took teams through Rasor before traversing through the Mojave Preserve. An On Route Enduro ensured that competitors maintained the proper speed on the famous Mojave Road while battling

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Rebelle Rally – Stage 4

After a restless night at Big Dune in high winds, Rebelles channeled their energy to cover 320 kilometers for the first half of the Marathon Leg. Chef Drew Deckman and his talented crew also overcame adversity to provide a hearty breakfast to the competitors before they headed out on a two-day unsupported marathon leg with

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Rebelle Rally Field Update: Stage 3

STAGE 3 of the Rebelle Rally tested the resilient mettle of Reblles, with 60 mile per hour winds laying waste to the course and basecamp, located between Death Valley and Area 51. Basecamp, located adjacent to Big Dune, south of Beatty, took a beating, seeing damage to the main competitor’s tent, forcing Rebelles to rely

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Rebelle Rally Field Update: Stage 2 Powered by Pirelli

The second stage of the 2021 Rebelle Rally, powered by Pirelli tires, started with an On Time Enduro through wide open valleys and tight canyons lined with pinion pines. The enduro ended in Big Smokey Valley at the northern end of Area 51. After the enduro, teams traded their rally computers for maps and compasses

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From Tunis with love, low-cost crossover IRIS

Vehicle of leisure and daily use, the IRIS conceals under its design and its urban manners, an authentic character. The starting price of Iris is at the level of about 13 thousand US dollars, or a little more than 10,900 euros, which has crystallized as one of the most affordable offers. In a country where

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The new Rolls-Royce Phantom – a real work of art on wheels

Named the Phantom Iridescent Opulence, the unique luxury car pays great attention to its Gallery work, a space specially designed to create works of art and add other aesthetic details of a personal nature. This segment has been specially installed and created by a Swiss specialist, the Nature Squared brand, which focuses on nature research,

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