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100th birthday of the Ford pickup truck

According to Ford, its first official pickup rolled out of a Highland Park, Michigan, assembly plant on July 27, 1917. Aimed at farmers, the truck was ready to be used and abused by the people Henry Ford grew up around. Over the next 100 years, the truck transformed from a farm implement and industry tool to

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Would Ford by Lucid Motors?

Chinese-backed, California-based startup Lucid Motors promises a lot, but it needs a lot of money to get its first vehicle, the Air sedan, into production. Bloomberg says that Lucid will raise more money with the help of Morgan Stanley, and that it's held takeover talks with Ford executives. Ford isn't looking to purchase Lucid now, but it hasn't

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Spy shots of 2019 Ford Focus

The next-generation Ford Focus's prototype for is back. Newest photos showed a test mule but the newest testers are wearing the body of the production model due out in 2018. The vehicle should be available as 2019 model. There are also photos of the interior which seems to be very different to the inside of the current

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2018 Ford Expedition is able to pull two fullsize pickups

Ford has reported that the  2018 Expedition with new design has a tow rating of 9,300 pounds, which the producer says that it is best-in-class. That’s equal to two 4,510-lb 2017 Chevrolet Silverado WTs, two 4,517-lb Ram 1500s, or even two 4,051-lb Ford F-150s — all with a few hundred pounds to spare. “With best-in-class towing capability

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Ford invested $350 milion in Michigan factory for new transmission

Ford will spend $350 million upgrading its Livonia Transmission Plant to support production of a new gearbox for front-wheel-drive vehicles, the automaker announced today. The new transmission should contribute to increased fuel efficiency on Ford models in the future. It will share software, design features, and manufacturing processes with the automaker’s 10-speed transmission, which is

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1978 Ford Ranchero

Not into the strange proportions of the 1962 Jeep FC-150 we posted earlier? No problem, we’ve got the next best thing. On the opposite end of the truck spectrum comes this Bring a Trailer-listed 1978 Ford Ranchero, a Malaise-Era ute that’s as big as it is long. If you’re a big fan of the clean,

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Ford is spending $375 million engineering center in Ottawa

Ford Motor Co. is engaging over 400 experts in engineering center in Toronto who will work on research connected with vehicle technology. The new engineers -- about 300 of them in Canada -- will double the size of its connectivity engineering workforce. The engineers previously worked at Blackberry’s mobile communications group and have experience working

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2018 Ford Edge gets sell sport look package

The 2018 Ford Edge becomes a bit edgier with some adds of a special appearance package for the SEL trim. SEL Sport Appearance Package has a number of cosmetic upgrades to the outside and inside of the Ford Edge, presenting for the first time at the Dallas Fort Worth Auto Show. Package provides, along with unique 19-inch wheels,

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2018 Ford Mustang, F-150 has pedestrian detection with night vision

The 2018 Ford Mustang and F-150 will present a new pedestrian detection system that is  visible in the dark. Ford is already offering pedestrian detection technology, but the night vision is included first time now. More capability that is added prevents a big number of deaths on pedestrian road, which most happen when it's dark. In

Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo talks about his personalized GT (video)

The new Ford GT is maybe be the star at the moment, but that hasn’t reduced our love for the previous model of Ford GT from 2005. The team at Petrolicious has presented a new movie based on the chief designer of the first-gen GT supercar, Camilo Pardo. Pardo is an artist and designer by trade. He was lucky enough to start working