Segway Introduces GT Series Of High-Power E-Scooters – Info & Price

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Electric kick scooters just keep getting faster, and feature-rich. When the earlier models hit the market a decade or so ago, these scooters were little more than toys that people would use to shuttle themselves in and around buildings. These days, there’s a whole subsegment in the transport sector dedicated solely to them, and heck, even a full on World Championship racing series.

Segway, which was bought by now-parent firm Ninebot in 2015, is one of the most well-known brands in the field of e-mobility innovation. It has maintained its position as one of the leading e-scooter producers, and has just introduced the GT Series, a new line of high-powered e-scooters. The GT1 is the first of the two GT series models, with 1,400 watts of rear-hub motor power and a max output of 3 kW. It has a maximum speed of 37.5 miles per hour, which makes for a thrilling ride. Furthermore, Segway claims a 44-mile range from the 1-kWh battery under the extra-wide floorboard.

Meanwhile, Segway has increased the GT2’s top speed to 50 kilometers per hour. It has two 1,500W motors that provide a peak power of 6 wheelie-popping kilowatts. When set to the sportiest of its six built-in riding modes, this model accelerates from zero to 30 miles per hour in an exciting 3.9 seconds. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and has 15 levels of adjustability in its suspension system with a double-wishbone design in the front. Suspension for the rear wheel is provided by a swing arm with a built-in shock.

The GT2’s 1,512Wh battery pack is said to provide up to 56 miles of range on a single charge. There’s adjustable air suspension, similar to the GT1, a dynamic traction control system that modulates torque for improved grip on loose or slippery terrain, and a fancy transparent OLED display, as opposed to the GT1’s regular digital display. The GT2 rides on the same 11-inch puncture-resistant tires as the GT1, and has the same LED lighting, braking features, and weatherproofing, too.

Dual hydraulic disc brakes with 5.5-inch rotors are standard on both the GT1 and GT2. For additional stopping force, the braking system is combined with the built-in motor braking system. Segway’s GT Series scoots roll on 11-inch puncture-resistant tubeless tires, and feature daytime-running LED lights with turn indicators. The scooter’s body, as well as its sophisticated electrical controls, are waterproof. The GT1 fetches $2,499 USD on Indiegogo, while the GT2 is $3,499 USD. Shipping is planned to begin in August if all goes according to plan.

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