Mercedes-Benz announces that their cars are to have Dolby Atmos starting from summer 2022

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Mercedes-Benz it will bring Dolby Atmos – the most cutting-edge technology used in modern cinema into its vehicles.

It has even partnered up with Dolby Laboratories for this new project. That said, the bespoke Mercedes-Maybach cars will be the first to be equipped with Dolby Atmos, followed by the flagship S-Class and other Mercedes-Benz models.

Dolby Laboratories will merge their Dolby Atmos hardware with the Burmester 3D and 4D sound systems present in the flagship Mercedes-Benz. Presently, the S-Class features a 31-speaker, 1,750-watt 4D Burmester sound system. Out of 31, six speakers come with three-dimensional surround sound capability. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has placed four of the speakers inside the front-seat headrests. Additionally, there are eight transducers – two for each seat.

Dolby Atmos is an advanced surround sound technology used in a cinema. It provides an immersive multi-dimensional and high-definition audio experience through aptly placed speakers. In fact, these speakers are often located overhead, behind the screen, and every other corner in a cinema to create an enveloping surround sound. For instance, when watching a film, the sound usually hits you from a similar height as your ears. With Dolby Atmos, that sound can be heard as it should be. Such as a helicopter moving over your head, falling raindrops from above or even potshots fired from various angles.

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