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Apple made navigation system for self-driving cars

Apple may have let go of building its own self-driving car, but it's deeply invested in autonomous technologies. CNBC said od Thursday that the technology giant has patented a navigation system for self-driving cars. The system has reportedly been in the works since 2015 and it aims to simplify self-driving car navigation. Currently, self-driving cars rely on static

Apple building a car project in Canada?

Bloomberg reported that Apple is working in the office in Ottawa, Canada, and the team which is mainly gathered with former BlackBerry engineers is dedicated to building software for its unofficial car project. It started earlier this year when Dan Doge, started working in for Silicon Valley giant. He was former CEO of QNX, BlackBerry's

No Car Will Be the New Apple Car

It appears that Apple is scrapping the idea of building a car entirely. All that after many rumored deferments to the car’s releases that were intended, repetitive strategy disagreements and large-scale layoffs. Also after the loss of most important team members assigned to the self-driving car project. As Bloomberg sais, hundreds of members of Apple’s

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Apple is purchasing McLaren Technology Group?

The FInacial Times reported last week that Apple has approached McLaren Technology Group over a potential sale of part or all of the company. According to the prestigious Brittish newspaper the deal could be worth over a £1.5 billion (which is in U.S. currency approximately $2 billion, and as the source was listed as “people

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