There are gossips about making Ford Bronco in the U.S. Seems like evolvent of the off-roader has yet begun across the Pacific.

As Australia-based Motoring reports, Ford’s engineering base in Australia is working hard evolving the new Bronco. Rumors say it could go into production by 2020. We expect the Bronco to ride on Ford’s T6 platform supporting a number of products i. Also involving the Ranger pickup truck, one more model that we expect to make a comeback to America.

Ford’s Australian research center made the development of the T6 chassis

The report says that Ford’s Australian research center made the development of the T6 chassis. So its normal that the team wants to take on the Bronco project. Test mules of the next-gen Ranger and Bronco were reportedly caught wandering in and around Ford’s proving ground in southern Australia.

Ford stopped selling the Bronco in the U.S. back in 1996. Speculation about the SUV’s return have become popular in the past few years. Last month a Chairman at the United Automobile Workers heedlessly slipped information. He said the Ranger and Bronco are coming back to the U.S. and will that they will make it at Ford’s Michigan Assembly factory.

His comments are in the same range as a Ford and UAW contract. It is detailing the supplement of two new products at the Michigan Assembly plant in 2018 and 2020. With that timeline, the new Bronco should some a few years after the presentation of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler. Next-generation will come with important updates involving new engines. There will also be many new pickup truck variants.