Apple building a car project in Canada?

Bloomberg reported that Apple is working in the office in Ottawa, Canada, and the team which is mainly gathered with former BlackBerry engineers is dedicated to building software for its unofficial car project. It started earlier this year when Dan Doge, started working in for Silicon Valley giant. He was former CEO of QNX, BlackBerry’s automotive software division.

News reports from the beginning of this week are saying the team of engineers, working on the so called “software core” and it could become Apple’s car platform. Apple’s self-driving software, which is being developed by another team of experts, would apparently run on top of this core operating system.

The self-driving team is using virtual reality to test its autonomous driving software.  According to the rumors expert who developed VR simulation room at Virginia Tech, is working on a simulator that could allow Apple to test its self-driving software without taking a car out onto a public road. The company has envisioned a kind of windshield on steroids that shows apps such as maps or other apps, and is controlled by Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Team has the deadline until late 2017, to decide about the main direction the project will develop.

Unlocking the car with help of the fingerprint sensor available during 2017

Apple has already changed the strategy about the car developing and switched from building electric car to working on automotive software.

Respect to that, popular iPhone is already in use as wallet, camera, and much more; it could replace even car keys in the near future. Application will work with help of the fingerprint sensor, part of the IPhone.   Apple earlier patented idea about the feature sending activation for unlocking the car, announced in May this year. However, similar devices already exist on the market, such as Viper Start Smart or BMW’s application. Hyundai has its own Blue Link application available on Google Play, also functioning on Android Wear Smartwatches, enabling lock, unlock and finding the car with the smartphone. However, the idea of unlocking the car with help of the fingerprint sensor is still attempting and Apple could provide it already next year.

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