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Unmasking the Diesel Deception: Sinister Diesel Slammed with $1 Million Fine for Defeat Devices

In a shocking revelation, the dark underbelly of the diesel industry has once again reared its ugly head. Sinister Diesel, a California-based aftermarket company known for its sinisterly powerful products, has found itself on the wrong side of the law. But the question that burns in the minds of consumers and environmental advocates alike is,

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VW’s Oliver Schmidt to stay in prison until his trials began at the beginning of the next year

Oliver Schmidt, the Volkswagen executive was imprisoned this January while he was on his vacation in Florida. He have tried to go back to Germany but U.S. authorities incarcerated him, and last week federal court decided that he will stay in prison until his trials began at the beginning of the next year. He is

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New emission scandal – Main actor Fiat Chrysler

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused on Thursday Fiat Chrysler for concealing the information about instalment of software that regulates emissions in over than 100,000 Jeeps and Dodges. Fiat Chrysler could pay the penalty in huge amount of more than $44,000 per vehicle. If the fine will be determined, and we are talking about

VW Investors preparing lawsuits in Germany

Investors of the German car producer Volkswagen, are preparing to submit the lawsuits in a court, due to the emissions scandal last year. Court in Brunswick was forced to engage extra stuff in order to meet the influx, expected for 19th of September, first business day after the one year since the group confess the

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