New pilot program from Uber – Go Electric

Uber must work to rebuild its reputation after the tragic self-driving incident, and it’s turning to promote EV adoption.

Uber announced that it’s forming a partnership with UC Davis researchers to find new methods to encourage electric vehicle adoption. The ride-sharing company has already started a pilot program in which it affords a bonus to Uber employees who drive EVs. Additionally, the company will add special EV-related features to its app. – insideevs 

San Diego-based electric car drivers will earn an extra $1 per ride with a cap of $20 in bonus money per week. EV drivers in Pittsburgh already benefit from such a plan and now those in the San Francisco market will also receive the perk. os Angeles-based drivers will not get a monetary bonus, but instead, educational assistance related to EVs and saving money.

Uber plans to share it with policymakers in an attempt to garner support by promoting the program and its benefits. It also hopes this process will help electric vehicle drivers in general. Uber has also updated its smartphone app to help EV owners and ride-sharing customers. The app lets electric car drivers know about longer trip lengths in case they need to charge beforehand. It also alerts customers if they are going to be riding in an EV. This draws attention to the electric vehicles and allows people to make a more sustainable choice.


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