Why New GT3 RS and GT2 of Porsche Have NACA Ducts on the Hood?

Searching for the way to build the perfect super car, rear-engined, Porsche has been testing really long its GT vehicles lately at the Nurburgring. We have seen some spy videos of the next GT3, the GT2 that is coming, and even of the all-new 911. But something insulted our interest in this newest clip of a GT2 (or GT2 RS, depending on who you wanna know) test mule, and its the really big holes on its hood.

Like the video of the GT3 RS we about a week ago, this GT2 test vehicle has two NACA ducts placed on the top part of the front hood panel. Additionally, we can see dive planes on either side of the front bumper, and of course, that huge rear wing. Not like the GT3 tester, this vehicle sounds obviously turbocharged, which means it’s nearly definitely a GT2.

It’s also should be mentioned that the NACA duct-equipped vehicle in this video is doubtless sporting a dual-clutch PDK transmission, judging by the lightning-quick shift noises.

Some people suggested the ducts could be used to vent air under the hood and onto the windshield to create a downforce effect, but it could just as easily be some heavy-duty brake ducting. We won’t know for sure until the car is released, if the ducts are featured at all.

Either way, it’s still a joy to watch test cars being pushed to the limit on the ‘Ring, so sit back and enjoy.

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