New emission scandal – Main actor Fiat Chrysler

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused on Thursday Fiat Chrysler for concealing the information about instalment of software that regulates emissions in over than 100,000 Jeeps and Dodges. Fiat Chrysler could pay the penalty in huge amount of more than $44,000 per vehicle. If the fine will be determined, and we are talking about 104,000 vehicles in last three years, the total amount could reach in about $4.6 billion. EPA stated that Fiat’s models Grand Cherokee SUV and Dodge Ram trucks produced in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 trucks  caused higher nitrogen oxide level than it is allowed.

EPA implicated that manufacturer hid from the agency at least eight types of emissions control software on the vehicles. It was also mentioned that it looks like some software making different performances of the cars during the emissions testing. However, the EPA officials are stating the owners do not need to take immediate actions, because their vehicles are still safe and legal to drive.

Fiat strongly refuses EPA serious accusations

Sergio Marchionne, first man of Fiat Chrysler strongly refuses EPA serious accusations. “There was never any intent of creating conditions that were designed to defeat the testing process. This is absolute nonsense,” he said.

Fiat Chrysler is ready to publicly proof justification of its emissions control strategies, and that no “defeat devices” were designed to cheat on emissions tests. Company also responded to requests for information from US authorities and sought to explain its position.

The agency’s move is similar to the initial steps it took at the start of the German automaker Volkswagen emissions scandal, which eventually led to about $20 billion in fines and charges against seven employees over the course of the last year and a half. Shares in Fiat Chrysler ended the day 10.3% lower in New York and closed 16% lower in Milan.

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