Stolen BMW Found Two Years Later

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Having your car stolen is a violation, something which can hit you right in the gut. That’s especially true if you really love your ride instead of just looking at it as something that gets you from one place to another. With car thefts rampant in quite a few areas, you might at some point experience these feelings for yourself. And while it’s tempting to just give up on your car being found after it’s missing for weeks or months, a story out of the United Kingdom should give you some hope.

Officers from the Greater Manchester Police’s traffic division happened upon a suspicious BMW 1 Series on May 20. They started checking it out, realizing the tags had been cloned. Running the VIN, they learned the Bimmer had been stolen back in 2020.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Now that police know the car was stolen two years ago, they’re trying to track down the rightful owners. That would be a nice call to receive, especially if the owner has written it off after all this time.

It’s important to note if you made an insurance claim and your policy paid you for the total loss of your vehicle, if it is found it will be the property of the insurance company. Maybe you could buy it off of them, but once you sign the paperwork and transfer the title over so you can get that check, the car is no longer yours. We wouldn’t tell you to not sign paperwork and get the money because the chances of seeing your car whole and in good shape after it’s stolen still aren’t great. But it sure is nice to hear of a happy ending once in a while.

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