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Tips for shipping classic cars

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Shipping classic cars is a service that shipping companies dedicate special care and attention to. These machines are much more than cars; they are pieces of history and art at the same time. And the owners would agree that their classic car is even more than that. When a classic car enthusiast invests in such a vehicle, it is often because of sentimental attachment and all the good memories it brings.

But life demands change, and sometimes you need to move long-distance to meet them. If you happen to be a proud owner of a 1968 Ford Mustang, you’re highly unlikely to leave it behind. You’re bound to take your car with you, and this is where car shipping services can help you out.

Choosing the right car shipping company and services

Most car owners don’t fret about the car shipping process, deeming it safe enough for the vehicles they drive daily. But when it comes to shipping classic cars, they always expect the highest of standards. And that is what they should get.

However, choosing a random shipping company will not ensure the safe transportation of your valued vehicle. Before you strike a deal with anyone, consider the following:

  • When it comes to choosing the right company, always look for those that managed to remain in business the longest. If they have endured in this highly competitive industry, they are the ones you should consider. Get in touch with their representatives, and don’t hesitate to inquire about all the details. Compare and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Every special service has a price, but the price tag is not something you should base your decision on exclusively. Expert shipping companies, employing experienced skilled workers, and using top-quality equipment, provide (and charge) this high-class service.
  • Unless your car is in driving condition, you will need a carrier company to carry it from your garage to the nearest port. A shipping company you plan to choose should be able to offer that service, too.
  • The safety of your classic car during shipping comes first. Depending on which shipping method you regard as sufficiently safe, you can choose between open carriers and enclosed (single-car and multi-car) carriers. You can’t get better than single-car enclosed carriers as no debris or dirt will reach your car during transport.

Ideally, you will get in touch with a few auto shipping companies before you select your carrier. Choosing the right shipper gets much easier if you learn more about the whole process of auto shipping in advance.

Preparing your classic car for shipping

Before you hand over your four-wheeler to the shippers, take it for a complete check-up. This step is vital for three reasons. Firstly, you will know the exact condition of your car before transport. It shouldn’t change during shipping, which is why you should thoroughly inspect it before and after.

Secondly, the shippers must know what they’re dealing with. Every classic car is unique and requires tailored handling. If the shippers are aware of specific issues with the car, like missing or old parts, they will account for them. Thirdly, solving any issues before shipping improves the safety of your car as well as other vehicles shipped alongside it. Make sure that there are no leaks; gas and oil leakage present a serious fire hazard.

A document that helps both you and the shippers is a vehicle condition report. It is the one you will get after the inspection from a licensed shop. Every reputable shipper will be familiar with the details and sign the report. Should anything go awry with the car while it is in the shipper’s possession, determining liability is the first step toward covering the damage.

Understand the car shipping insurance policy

Those with experience in importing used cars know how vital car shipping insurance is. There are a plethora of unforeseen situations that can potentially endanger the shipment. An adequate insurance policy is indispensable, especially when it comes to shipping classic cars.

However, there is no denying that some classic cars are more valuable than others. Hence, the insurance policy should be tailored to the assessed value of the vehicle.

When discussing the car shipping insurance with the carrier, make sure you understand what their standard policy covers, check if it is good enough for you and if it isn’t, explore the option to develop a custom car shipping insurance plan.

Things to bear in mind when shipping classic cars

The following considerations are inseparable from the car shipping process.

  • Shipping price. How much you will pay for shipping services depends on several factors. Aside from the insurance policy, the cost of transport is related to the shipping distance, condition of the car, time of year, and the shipping method. When you sum it all up and draw the line, high-quality shipping of classic cars can be expensive, but the alternative is not acceptable.
  • Possible delays. Accounting for the delays is necessary when it comes to shipping. These delays rarely occur for technical reasons, especially if you’re dealing with an experienced shipping company. Most often, they happen due to severe weather conditions. To avoid these delays as much as possible, carefully choose the shipping time.
  • Transporting additional items. Note that carriers are not allowed to ship any additional items within your car. Before you hand over the vehicle, remove any valuables and other belongings, including spare tires and parts, car tools, etc. Even if the shipper agrees to transport them, they will not be responsible for these items. However, you can ship your extra parts separately from the vehicle.
  • Shipping inoperable classic cars. If your vehicle is not in driving condition, let the shippers know in advance. They will need special equipment to handle it during loading and unloading.

The most important tip regarding shipping classic cars is that the process doesn’t have to nerve-wracking. Expert shippers can handle all the work for you and deliver your vehicle safely to its destination. When you call the company and hear how they speak about cars, you will immediately know if they’re the right choice for you.

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