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Hellas Rally Raid – Day 5: Conquering Trikorfo

After the crew’s resilience and determination was put to the test during the Marathon stage, today all participants headed off to Trikorfo while also passing by the majestic lake of Mornos on their way back to Nafpaktos. Navigating through 133km of challenging trails and gorgeous mountain peaks, the end of Day 5 found Von Zitzewitz

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Hellas Rally Raid – Day 4: Surviving the Marathon

Motoring action continues on the 4th day of Hellas Rally Raid, where hundreds of screaming engines blasted through some of the most unique locations Greece has to offer. Some of the participants were battle-scarred and others challenged by the route’s morphology, but definitely all of them remained in awe of the immense beauty of the

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Hellas Rally Raid – Day 3: A Test Of Resolve

Day 3 is upon us at the Hellas Rally Raid, with the competition resuming at 09:00 and signifying perhaps the most demanding day of the whole rally, the Marathon Day. Competitors had to muster every ounce of their resolve, putting both their driving skills and toughness to the test. Loic Minaudier continues putting the pedal

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Hellas Rally Raid – Day 2: Putting The Pedal To The Metal!

Following a great start to this year’s Hellas Rally Raid, competitors strapped in and saddled up for 530km of tire screeching and engine roaring action. Despite a short interlude on safety grounds, this time around competitors raced through the alpine zones and mountain ridges of the majestic Peloponnese peninsula. Polish quad rider Marcin Talaga took

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Hellas Rally Raid – Day 1: Start Your Engines!

Petrol heads rejoice – marking the 1st round of the FIM European Championship and SSV Mediterranean Cup, the Hellas Rally Raid is upon us. Over 260 competitors from 35 countries have descended upon the beautiful town of Nafpaktos and are locking horns with each other, with 2000km of motoring action to be covered across 6

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The most commonly replaced car parts and when to change them

Regardless if you are a motorhead or just a person who uses their car to get from point A to point B, you are probably aware that your vehicle will require maintenance from time to time. To keep your car running, it’s good to know the most commonly replaced car parts and when to change

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Overview – 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Full-Size Sedan

This Full-Size Sedan with a Hybrid engine is a Toyota flagship sedan, appealing to its long-established customer base with middle or high-end consumers. For those who want comfort, we think the best choice is standard XLE or Limited with V-6 power, a smooth ride, with a spacious cabin. If you're looking for a little more

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From Tunis with love, low-cost crossover IRIS

Vehicle of leisure and daily use, the IRIS conceals under its design and its urban manners, an authentic character. The starting price of Iris is at the level of about 13 thousand US dollars, or a little more than 10,900 euros, which has crystallized as one of the most affordable offers. In a country where

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On Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 10 a.m. sports, motorsport and sustainable mobility enthusiasts save the date for this must-see event Engine on: get ready for the race! On Thursday, April 8th, 2021 at 10 a.m. the digital event organized by SAFE: “SAFE Racing, Innovation, Technology & Sustainable Mobility” goes live. At this special event

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Lexus in a technological retro edition offers passengers a gramophone

Lexus has been quite artistic lately. The proof is this Wax Edition project, which was created in collaboration with the creative studio SCPS from Los Angeles. The biggest challenge was definitely overcoming the vibrations while driving, and a large part of the elements of the gramophone was made with 3D printing. In the end, the

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