Your next destination: Lisbon – breathtaking city in wich you will fall in love

Lisbon is one of Europe’s sunniest capitals. For some that is nearly enough, but we will keep throwing Lisbons’ beauty in your face.

Lisbon is one of the world’s oldest cities. You can feel its antiquity clinging to every corner, especially in the district of Alfama. This makes Lisbon a veritable banquet for history-hungry visitors. It was very nearly destroyed entirely by a massive earthquake in 1755, but was patched together and revived.

Lisbon is as proud as punch of its role in the Age of Discovery, with the city being the starting place for dozens of exploratory voyages around the globe, including Vasco da Gama’s expedition to India in 1497. Padrão dos Descobrimento, a large monument on the north bank of the Tagus, celebrates Age of Discovery”.ão dos Descobrimento

Charming wooden trams

The city still supports century-old wooden trams and iron funiculars that lurch up and down the narrow streets. Just watching them trundle along is joy, while the metal tracks cut into winding cobbled streets is exemplary of Lisbon’s nostalgic character.

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City is armed with Gothic grit and glamour. If you are an a arhitecture and history fan you would like the idea of sleeping in old castle or palace.

Hidden behind an inconspicuous set of red doors, perched atop a hill within the fortress walls of the medieval São Jorge castle, unfolds a remarkable palace dating back to 1449. Palacio Belmonte was once a noble residence, and now it’s a living museum of sorts, accessible only to guests in one of the 10 luxury suites it hosts, looking out onto what is arguably the best views in the city.

Castle of Sao Jorge

Palacio Belmonte | Departures

Don’t miss coasts

Lisbon is surrounded by a stunning coastline that offers a variety of beautiful sandy beaches, many of which are easily accessible from the capital by public transport. We will try to guide you there so here it is:

  • Praia de Carcavelos (train 30 minutes, GPS: 38.6790, -9.3354)
  • Praia da Conceição, Cascais (train 45min GPS: 38.7003, -9.4158)
  • Costa da Caparica (bus 30 minutes, GPS: 38.6410, -9.2389)
  • Praia Sao Pedro (train 40 minutes, GPS: 38.6934, -9.3693)

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Nacional drink

Portugal’s national drink, port or porto, is in abundance in the city. It is wine mixed with stronger alcohols, usually brandy, and this was done supposedly to make sure it wouldn’t spoil during the long voyages our sailors took around the world. It was a very, very local drink, only known by the people of Porto. Through history that strongly alcoholic, sweet but refined taste of this dessert wine soon became a big hit.

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We did a sweet but not wide story about Lisbon, exactly in a try to give something to tease you when you are about to travel somewhere but don’t know where.

Keep in minid

The most idyllic months are May to August, when food and music festivals are practically a weekly occurrence. Hotel prices drop significantly from November to February, and the weather remains quite mild, making it a good time for travelers on a budget to visit.

January is the coolest month, with an average temperature of 52°F (11°C). July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 74°F (24°C).

An airport is just 6.2km from the city centre, or a 20-minute metro ride.

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