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Handbrake lever slowly going towards through history

New research shows the traditional handbrake lever is a dying breed. It appears the handbrake turn could soon be a thing of the past. According to new research from CarGurus, just 37 percent of new cars are fitted with a traditional mechanical handbrake lever. The online automotive marketplace, created found that only two mainstream manufacturers, Dacia and

Lotus Seven – the ideal Tokyo commuter car

There's a lot of interesting machinery on Tokyo roads. You can see a lot of different vehicles from customized kei van to a majestic Toyota Century. But you will see sensible cars and motorcycles the most. If you need stuff like a roof and a heater in your two-seat Tokyo commuter, you can get a first-generation Honda NSX. You won't enjoy

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Saga Norén’s Porsche 911 S from The Bridge sold for £125,000

An olive green slice of Scandi-noir TV history sold for £125,000 at auction. 1977 Porsche 911 S from hit series The Bridge was auctioned off at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed Bonhams auction. The retro-coloured coupe is driven in the television show by oddball detective Saga Norén, played by Sofia Helin, and has arguably become one

First-Ever 2019 Sierra AT4 (video showcase)

Somehow we missed to put a video material of new Sierra entering in the room. Ahead of the New York Auto Show, GMC pulled the curtain off the latest addition to its new 2019 Sierra pickup line -- the AT4. The alphanumeric name denotes Sierra’s off-road-ready package, which features a 2-inch suspension lift, a locking rear differential, skid plates and

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Kalashnikov thinks its electric car can take on Tesla

Kalashnikov name is known by one of its best-known products: the AK-47 assault rifle. It's called the CV-1 and the Russian firm unveiled the car at the 2018 International Military Technical Forum in Kubinka, Russia.  CV-1 is meant to recall the 1970s Izh 2125 Combi with retro design cues. It's hard to believe this is a new vehicle

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Consumers still anxious about autonomous cars

  Increasing awareness of self-driving vehicles is fueling apprehension about the safety of the technology, a new survey reveals. Nearly half of the 1,250 consumers surveyed said they would never buy a Level 5 (or fully autonomous) vehicle, according to a Cox Automotive consumer attitudes study released Thursday. That's up from 30 percent of the

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Dodge teases 2019 Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat

Visual changes are minimal and aggressive. Dodge showed off teaser photos of the freshened-up 2019 Charger and Challenger this week. The Hellcat will get the option of a dual-snorkel hood that pays homage to old Mopar designs. The company says it’s a more sinister interpretation and will provide more air to the 707-hp, 6.2-liter supercharged V8. Otherwise, the new hot

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In 2019 new Wiesmann sports car is coming

After ceasing operations in 2014 due to insolvency, Germany's Wiessman and its collection of retro sports cars was brought back to life a year later by a couple of Indian investors based in the United Kingdom. They brought on Mercedes-Benz veteran Mario Spitzner to run the revived company, which is based in Wiesmann's traditional home of Dulmen,

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Road Rover trademark will have new model?

Land Rover has applied for the Road Rover trademark, signaling its intention to likely field a long-rumored model line still shrouded in secrecy. The best information at the moment suggests it will be a premium model featuring an electric powertrain. It will bridge the gap between Land Rover's SUVs/crossovers and its passenger cars. This prospective model, one of several

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McLaren isn’t joining IndyCar in 2019…or we’re wrong?

McLaren sources at Silverstone say that the plan to run a team in IndyCar has been shelved indefinitely. The team owners have decided that they must concentrate on returning to contention in Formula 1. The team began the season looking strong, with two double-points finishes for Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne in Australia and Bahrain.

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