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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and Business school ISDI, through ISDI Accelerator, have created the Toyota Startup Awards

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and Business school ISDI, through ISDI Accelerator, have created the Toyota Startup Awards. This competition targets inclusive mobility companies that offer innovative solutions empowering people with a physical impairment to move around more freely and facilitating their daily life. Eight startups will be invited to attend 4YFN in Barcelona from 24 to 26 February 2020

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DOHA: The Abandoned Dealership in Doha Still Full Of Saab Cars

New Cars Center in Doha (Qatar) was established in 1998, and it was a car dealership (Leasing of Vehicle) that sold and serviced new vehicles of different brands, including Saab cars. Unfortunately, nearly seven years ago this company declared bankruptcy. The showroom near Ramada is closed, the company has filed bankruptcy and it does not

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Harman invested in Navdy and he’s projecting device

Harman International Industries Inc. invested in Navdy - a startup company from Silicon Valley. As a part of the agreement, Harman will distribute new co-branded Navdy with Harman device to automotive industry. We are talking about driving device that projects information on front of car windshields. Device will be available in January of 2017. This

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Denso is taking part in car-sharing technology study

Automotive supplier Denso announced their plan to take part in study together with University of Michigan-Dearborn students. The study is to determinate what technologies may be needed for a new car-sharing segment. The study is called MDrive, and beside Denso, NextEnergy LLC from Detroit is funding the study. It will take part at University of

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NHTSA proposes new voluntary guidelines

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a new set of voluntary guidelines. They are meant to reduce rising number of deaths caused by distracted driving. The guidelines apply to device makers and app developers such as Apple, Google and others, according to a NHTSA spokesman. They should encourage portable and aftermarket electronic device

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Self-driwing Ford in mass production until 2021

This is, in short, courageous plan that company president Mark Fields presented at Palo Alto, California. Ford wants to mass-produce a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel by 2021 year. Fields also talked about how great impact autonomous vehicles have on society, almost as great as Ford’s moving assembly line 100 years ago.  “The

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