Jaguar I-Pace

Tennis star Andy Murray talks about his own Jaguar I-Pace

Tennis champion Andy Murray talks about cars, but most importantly, he shares about his new Jaguar I-Pace.

Auto Express recently interviewed Andy Murray about cars in general.

The publication asks about his first car, his competitive nature, his experience with driving in general, and his opinions about electric vehicles.

The most important aspect of the interview centers around Murray’s dive into all-electric driving and his brand-new Jaguar I-Pace. It totally makes sense since Auto Express chose the I-Pace as its 2018 Car of the Year.


Wimbledon champion will drive Jaguar I-Pace/

When it comes to question what attracted Murray to the vehicle. Murray shares:

For sure. In terms of my own career that’s been the case for quite a large part of it, because of the people I’ve been competing against; some of the best players ever. Jaguar is a great British brand and has changed a lot since I was young. It’s making modern, younger cars, like the electric cars – one of the first big companies to do it – and the I-Pace is great to drive.

Murray previously owned a Jaguar F-Pace. He says the most obvious difference between the vehicles is the sound (since the I-Pace is virtually silent). Similarly, it provides a shockingly smooth ride.

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