Stunning new all-electric concept comes from Opel

 Opel announced plans to build its own electric cars as its Chevy Bolt EV deal with GM isn’t working out.

European automaker is unveiling a stunning new all-electric concept. Company says that they ‘stands for electrification of all Opel models by 2024’.

The concept name ”Opel GT X Experimental’’.

OPEL  wrote about the concept:

“Opel decided to embody its vision for its future automobiles in a compact SUV of just 4,063 millimetres in length (wheelbase: 2,625 mm; width: 1,830 mm; height including antenna: 1,528 mm): SUVs are currently the most popular vehicles on the market and Opel is driven by the desire to make such even more attractive for a wide public.”

Opel experimental

Opel concept/2018 Opel GT X Experimental

“The Opel GT X Experimental embodies the spirit of our core brand values – German, approachable, exciting. It’s an “approachable” concept that people can identify with. It confidently combines a pure and bold design execution with progressive technology that makes life easier. Clearly, this vehicle signals a very exciting future for the brand,” says Vice President Design Mark Adams.

Opel concept GT-X-Experimenta

Opel concept-Experimental/Photo from Electrek

We got a teaser here which shows us Opel GT X Experimental


Source: Opel, Automove, Electrek

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