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Apple made navigation system for self-driving cars

Apple may have let go of building its own self-driving car, but it's deeply invested in autonomous technologies. CNBC said od Thursday that the technology giant has patented a navigation system for self-driving cars. The system has reportedly been in the works since 2015 and it aims to simplify self-driving car navigation. Currently, self-driving cars rely on static

Self-driving Chevrolet Bolts production and testing start in Michigan

GM planning to start production and testing of the Chevrolet Bolts equipped with the self-driving technology in January next year. Company will become the first producer who works on the mass production of the self-driving vehicles in its Michigan plant. AV Bolts will be built with all the technologies needed for autonomous driving. Plant in

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Nissan introduced intelligent vehicle towing

This week is exiting for the autonomous driving, and the refreshment is coming from the Nissan and its Oppama Plant. It is not only that the producer is preparing the intelligent autonomous driving vehicles for the roads, they have decided to use its self-driving Leaf for towing. A pair of Leafs are outfitted to tow

First public vehicle-to-infrastructure system in Las Vegas by Audi

Vehicles are more and more connected every day. It won’t take time when they start communicating with each other and with the environ infrastructure to aid traffic flow and safety. Some of the technology is actually available right now in fact. The 2017 A4, A4 Allroad and Q7, are able to communicate with traffic lights Audi is the first

Self-driving cars technology reduces motorcycles crushes

Current auto industry will be much changed in the near future with the help of the self-driving technology.  Not only the cars, but also the business of selling motorcycles will expand, although in a different way. According to the engineers-developers in BMW Motorrad, safety of self-driving technology will be the key for expanding motorcycle sales

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