First public vehicle-to-infrastructure system in Las Vegas by Audi

Vehicles are more and more connected every day. It won’t take time when they start communicating with each other and with the environ infrastructure to aid traffic flow and safety. Some of the technology is actually available right now in fact.

The 2017 A4, A4 Allroad and Q7, are able to communicate with traffic lights

Audi is the first producer that is launching vehicles capable of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) connection. Some models from its range,  the 2017 A4 in this case, A4 Allroad and Q7, are able to communicate with traffic lights. That way trey’re reassembling information when it’s time for lights to switch from red to green. A countdown is showed in the group of instrument, when they are fitted, in the head display.

First announced feature in August, named Traffic Light Information it’s only enforceable in Las Vegas, and more cities should follow it. Information in terms of traffic light parts is available to a provider named Traffic Technology Services. That’s the way it works. This information is then directed to an Audi database which is sending it to the cars in real time.

Some day, there will be more complex options available. For example, it may be possible to merge information from traffic management systems into engine stop-start systems Also navigation systems (to optimize routing), and predictive services such as showing the driver recommended speen made to make maximum  number of green lights one vehicle can make in sequence.

And as car-to-car (V2V) communication is presenting much more massive features. A crash avoidance will be available. And looking to the future, both V2V and V2I communication will show that themselves as essential parts as we continue going foward to a future of self-driving vehicles.

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