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2023 Toyota Prius Starts at $28,545, Goes All the Way to $39,090

Toyota stunned the car world in November when it released the fabulously redesigned 2023 Prius. Now, we have pricing and spec data for the handsome gas-friendly egg. Power and efficiency are up from last year's model, while U.S.-spec 0-60 numbers have gone down. Toyota announced Wednesday that pricing's been bumped for 2023 as well, with

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Toyota hitting 1 million sales mark for Prius plug-in

Toyota Motor Corporation is hoping for 1 million units sale over the model cycle of new Prius gasoline hybrid cars. Company officials announced that The chief engineer of the new plug-in version over its product life cycle, saying the vehicle is set to become its showpiece "eco" car in the next decade or so. From

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Toyota realizes that electric drive is powerful

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Prototype First Drive Toyota had one main goal in mind when it engineered the Prius Prime, the upcoming second-generation Prius Plug-In. The new car had to be more electric. Compared to the first plug-in Prius, this wasn't exactly a difficult task, since that one could go just 11 miles on its

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