Belgrade Car Show 2016

Short tour on Belgrade Auto Show 2016

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Short tour on Belgrade Auto Show 2016


you wouldn’t believe what I just found out! The International Car Show was happening right here in Belgrade, at the Fairgrounds no less! I could’ve been ogling over shiny new wheels for a whole week, from 17 to 23 March 2016 “DDOR BG Car Show” and International Fair of Motorcycles “Motopassion”.

Apparently, it was a total car-nival (pun intended) with 34 brands from 30 different countries showing off their latest and greatest. We’re talking everything from sleek luxury giants like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMW to who-knows-what other incredible rides.

The worst part? Every year, more and more exhibitors join the party! Here I was, stuck in my usual routine, and I missed out on a chance to see the future of driving roll in. Major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) setting in right about now.

Next year, though… next year, the Belgrade Auto Show is mine! Shiny paint jobs, futuristic dashboards, the sweet smell of new leather – I’m soaking it all in. Consider this my official declaration of car show attendance… unless, of course, you have a time machine and can whisk me back to March? Just sayin’.

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