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McLaren 720S Spider with electrochromatic roof

New addition to the Super Series range of Mcls- this is the £237,000 McLaren 720S Spider, and it's got some special tricks The open-top 720S Spider has some special tricks. It's unusually light and the Spider weighs just 49kg more than the 720S coupe (as befits McLaren's relentless dieting philosophy) and this one packs in some special electrochromatic

McLaren confirms Speedtail name

McLaren's spiritual successor to the F1 will be called a Speedtail, the British firm announced Wednesday. The name is meant to evoke the car's flowing, highly streamlined design. Code-named the BP32 and described as a hyper GT, the Speedtail will make its debut later this year ahead of the first deliveries in late 2019. Just

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McLaren isn’t joining IndyCar in 2019…or we’re wrong?

McLaren sources at Silverstone say that the plan to run a team in IndyCar has been shelved indefinitely. The team owners have decided that they must concentrate on returning to contention in Formula 1. The team began the season looking strong, with two double-points finishes for Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne in Australia and Bahrain.

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McLaren reveals track-only Senna GTR in Geneva

McLaren surprised showgoers in Geneva with a GTR version of the new Senna hypercar. The 500 road-going Sennas sold out in a couple months—before McLaren had even announced the car’s name. The track-oriented GTR Ultimate Series will only consist of 75 cars. About 50 were already spoken for on Tuesday, the day the car was

McLaren has totally underrated the power of the 720S

It happens pretty often that a producer makes a high-performance vehicle. It's all a bit of a trick because there's a chance the producer is really underrating that vehicle. The only thing you shold know is that is much more powerful than the rival, but it doesn't have to be a lot more, as long as

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Honda engine supports aids McLaren F1 relationship

Honda is hoping that its Formula 1 engine will have a better performance and calm the problematic relations between the Japanese producer and McLaren. As the sport gets to its midseason August break, there are rumors of a split in the Anglo-Japanese collaboration that are still going around. Indeed, a deal between Sauber and Honda for 2018 has already

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McLarens and speed bumps don’t advance

Supercars and speed bumps can't be friends, that is clear. However, this doesn't make owners stop catching some air every once in a while. Almost everytime this happens accidentally when the driver doesn't see  speed hump that is coming. The photo of this McLaren P1 LM posted on Reddit suggests that the photographer saw this coming. If you

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Apple is purchasing McLaren Technology Group?

The FInacial Times reported last week that Apple has approached McLaren Technology Group over a potential sale of part or all of the company. According to the prestigious Brittish newspaper the deal could be worth over a £1.5 billion (which is in U.S. currency approximately $2 billion, and as the source was listed as “people

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