Honda engine supports aids McLaren F1 relationship

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Honda is hoping that its Formula 1 engine will have a better performance and calm the problematic relations between the Japanese producer and McLaren.

As the sport gets to its midseason August break, there are rumors of a split in the Anglo-Japanese collaboration that are still going around. Indeed, a deal between Sauber and Honda for 2018 has already been canceled.

“We are not with Sauber, so for now the only team we supply engines to at the moment is McLaren”

“We are not with Sauber, so for now the only team we supply engines to at the moment is McLaren,” Honda’s F1 boss Yusuke Hasegawa said.

There are avers that  Honda lined up Toro Rosso as a substitute engine buyer.

“I will not comment on rumors,” McLaren team boss Eric Boullier said. “It is up to Honda to decide on possible customers.”

One more rumor is that a buyer Renault deal is lined up as McLaren’s only engine alternative for 2018 that is expected in September.

Honda thinks that better reliability and performance will calm the problematic relations of the McLaren and Honda, like that seen in Hungary,

“I’m glad we were able to show some results,” Hasegawa said after Hungary. “We did not see any problems (in Hungary) so it was the first time that I was not worried about finishing the race.

“There is no doubt that we would like to continue to cooperate with McLaren. I think that with better performance we will continue to work together.”

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