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9 Generations Of Jaguar XJ proving luxury and style

Fifty years later and the Jaguar XJ continues to shine The Jaguar XJ has been in the British automaker’s lineup since 1968, quickly becoming the brand’s flagship. Fifty years since its introduction and the XJ is still Jaguar’s flagship offering, growing in size and luxury every year. First Generation: 1968-1973 The first generation of the XJ is known

Jaguar Classic building electric E-Types

Jaguar has announced that it will build all-electric E-Types, with its Classics division able to restore the world-famous model and add in powertrain technology found in the I-Pace. They are going to built the legendary E-Type of Jaguar Classic. Jaguar takes 170 miles range, the concept takes a 40 kWh battery, which can be in

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