More Cheating Emissions of Software are Found in Gas and Diesel-Powered Audis

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Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating period ended last year even it didn’t look like it will have an end at all. The California Air Resources Board (CARB)  allegedly discovered a new cheat with emissions in various Audi cars. That cars used hidden transmission programming to artificially drop carbon dioxide emissions when the cars were taking lab testing.

CARB’s discovery first made public by German publication Bild am Sontag last weekend

CARB’s discovery first made public by German publication Bild am Sontag last weekend, Reuters reported . It seems that the regulatory group found this cheat this summer, but didn’t yet confirmed it to the press.

They allegedly installed cheating software on a many older Audi A6s, A8s, and Q5s, all owning the same eight-speed automatic transmission. They made these vehicles to trigger an emissions-limiting gear shift program. All that only when the steering wheel was perfectly right. As it would be in lab testing. The transmission would reverts to a “real world” shifting strategy, increasing performance, and therefore, carbon dioxide output if the steering wheel was rotated more than 15 degrees in both c.

Audi allegedly suspended using this software in May 2016. Even though Audi installed that software hundreds of thousands of gasoline -and diesel-powered cars. As report says, CARB found out that the software stopped shortly after its use . Audi has suspended the group of engineers liable, the German outlet says.

VW is in progress reparing its cheating four-cylinder diesel cars in Europe. Also buying them back in the U.S., but that’s already an unbelievably expensive effort. The company is still dealing with the 85,000 cheating 3.0-liter V6 diesels that sold in the US as well—VW Group still has not had a fix warranted by US regulators.

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