Security feature form TESLA

Security feature form TESLA – “PIN To Drive”

Thanks to Tesla’s over-the-air updates, features like security upgrades can be initiated fleet wide.

Tesla’s newest update is a “PIN to drive” setting. This will allow owners to program a personal identification number. Pin you need to enter in order to drive the car.

Tesla owners will have the option to activate and deactivate this new feature by touching Controls > Safety & Security on their vehicle’s touch screen. The option will work seamlessly and securely with:

  • Tesla Mobile App and
  • Valet Mode

Tesla updated its key fob cryptography for the Model S, bringing it to parity with current Model X key fob technology. Owners with an older Model S can opt for a new key fob for $150 or simply rely on the software-enabled options, which are free of charge.

According to Tesla, this new security feature will only apply to Model S and Model X vehicles initially.

Source: NickEnergy, Autocar, Inseedeevs

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