Watch Tesla Try To Navigate Busy New York

Video shows a Tesla Model S Plaid handles itself with FSD engaged in New York and it’s pretty clear the road from beta to final is still very long.

Black Tesla decided to really challenge his Plaid’s autonomous driving by trying pitting it against NY’s chaotic traffic, maze of roadworks and bus lanes. It does pretty well on the drive into the city, even through the Lincoln Tunnel with its narrow lanes, although the driver did have to take over control for the toll booth and subsequent queuing and entry into the tunnel.

It’s in these situations, when two lanes merge into one and drivers seem to be jostling for every square inch, that the Tesla really starts to fluster. It doesn’t do much better when setting off from a set of traffic lights only do see that its lane has turned into a bus lane and it doesn’t know what to do.

Tesla clearly needs to work a lot more on FSD, but this video highlights the chaotic nature of traffic and how difficult it will actually be to make a completely autonomous vehicle that has a well-judged reaction ready for every situation.


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