General Motors will develop thousands of test self-driving electric cars during next year

Several sources confirmed to Reuters that General Motors will develop thousands of test self-driving electric cars during next year.  GM planning to work numerous number of self-driving electric cars in test fleets with Lyft Inc.  This will be the largest fleet of this kind of test vehicles before 2020. Most of the specially equipped versions of the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles will be tested in San Francisco where Lyft is situated, but the tests will be organized in several states.

GM didn’t announced its plans yet but according to sources, executives of this company have said in previous months they intend to mass-produce autonomous vehicles and develop them in ride services fleets. In a statement on Friday, GM said: “We do not provide specific details on potential future products or technology rollout plans. We have said that our AV technology will appear in an on-demand ride sharing network application sooner than you might think.” Lyft declined to comment.

GM’s car-sharing and ridesharing service Maven will be expand

Introduction of Maven will be at the same time with all-electric Chevy Bolt EV in the fleet.The automaker claims that Maven is already doing well in Los Angeles with “an average of 56 percent member growth month-over-month since launching in October 2016,” but the introduction of the all-electric Bolt EV could bring even more new customers looking to get into electric mobility at a low-cost.

Julia Steyn, Vice President of General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven, said that they plan to collaborate more with cities on similar deployments: “Maven is a smart, seamless and flexible mobility platform providing sharing solutions that meet the different needs of unique communities. Starting with Los Angeles, Maven will focus on collaborating with cities and municipalities to co-create smart transportation solutions that enhance mobility, create jobs and ease parking and congestion.”

Through the Maven app, users can find available vehicles around them in reserved parking lots. The process is made simple and the vehicle can be unlocked through the mobile app.

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