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You don’t have to worry about tire punctures during your trips anymore – FORD

Ford in cooperation with Michelin, is introducing cool feature that will improve your overall experience behind the wheel – self-sealing tires.

The tires are designed to withstand common nail and screw punctures, and self-seal to “dramatically slow the rate at which air leaks.”

The rubber seals up to 90 percent of tread punctures with a diameter of up to 0.25 inches. Michelin estimates the loss of air pressure slows to less than 15 pounds per square inch per week. Of course, real-life results may vary.

Ford is proud to announce the 2020 Explorer is the world’s first SUV to get the Michelin Selfseal tires.  Which will be available as standard on the Platinum and Limited Hybrid four-wheel-drive versions. You can get them optionally on Limited two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models with tire size for all variants being 255/55/20. – according to Ford.

The main advantage of the self-healing tires is the fact that you don’t have to make dangerous stops by the road to replace a flat tire, which reduces the waste of time during your trip and improves overall safety. Also, it helps keep your vehicle under full control in the case of a punctured rubber.

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