According to official data, as of the end of September 2018, there were some 178,521 all-electric passenger cars registered in Norway. That is a decent 6.5% of the total fleet (2,728,043). Another 3% comes from plug-in hybrids (over 80,000). –

The biggest player in Norway turns out to be the Nissan LEAF, which since 2011 noted 46,023 registrations (including 31,863 new and some 14,000+ of used imported from other countries). That’s enough for 25.8% of all BEVs and almost 1.7% of all passenger cars.

The private import of used cars from other countries is a significant part of the Norwegian BEV market.

Numbers in Norway are getting serious – 60% of new passenger car sales in September were plug-ins. Soon we should see how the oil industry will deal with softening demand for gasoline and diesel?!