When you say Cuba or Havana it’s just joy – Let’s road here

After decades of being shut off from parts of the world, Havana now holds an aura of mystery for the tourists who are now starting to stream through its streets.

Capital of Cuba is fascinating and mysterious, but if you go now, you’ll still catch it before the distinctive traces of oldness disappear.

Just going through my pictures on the phone it makes me sad. yes, i’m going to say – i want to live there! but! there is, BUT unfortunately – transition. So it makes my wishes just floating thorugh past. 

Let’s begin:

  •  Centro Habana, Havana (Cuba); You could while away hours upon hours just wandering aimlessly through Havana’s curving streets, but the fascinating neighborhood to do this is Centro Habana.
Centro Habana

Centro Habana Cuba

You’ll hear the sounds of salsa music drifting through windows and run into street food, the scent, and taste of which you should definitely indulge in. Havana is also a very safe city for foreigners, so you can wander without being stressed out about what you might run into.

Centro Habana, Cuba The Blondera

Habana Centro, The Blondera

Arhitecture of Havana can seem like a confusing jigsaw puzzle, but work out how to put the pieces together and a beautiful picture emerges.

Take a walking tour of the five most important colonial plazas around Old Havana. Each with a soul all its own. Plaza de Armas is a leafy oasis on a sunny day while Plaza Vieja is known for its excellent array of restaurants and coffee shops.

Plaza de la Catedral is home to Havana’s most impressive church (also free to visit) and don’t miss the artsy Callejón del Chorro nearby. Breezy Plaza de San Francisco de Asis is closer to the bay and a favorite spot for pigeons.

Plaza de Armas Cuba

Plaza de Armas

Take a look at every corner of your step – there is a hidden treasure

Calle Mercaderes museum

Calle Mercaderes museum

The Calle Mercaderes (Merchants’ Street) feels like a time warp to Havana’s past with workshops, street vendors and trade shops interspersed with small museums housed in colonial mansions. Costing nothing at all, you can visit Casa de Asia, a small museum celebrating Cuba’s ties with Asian culture.

 Casa de Asia Cuba

Casa de Asia

Tour a Cigar Factory

Cuban cigars are legendary, and there’s no better place to get some than at one of the factories where they come from. Even if you’re not a smoker yourself, seeing the process in action is a great way to get a little closer to the culture of the country, especially when for years Cuban cigars have been one of the major items that people from abroad connect to the country. There are a couple of options as to where to get this experience, and you’ll definitely want to book in advance. The cigars you’ll find at factory shops will certainly be more expensive than what you’ll find on the street, but you can depend on their quality being top-notch.

Cigar factory cuban

Cigar factory/Wall Street Journal


After a couple of days touring the capital, you may need a break. f so, seek a side trip to Playas del Este, a set of beaches located about 11 miles east of Havana. Playas del Este is a beautiful and relaxing beach, with a good mix of locals and visitors.

Playas del Este Havana

Playas del Este

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