Porsche Taycan

Watch Porsche Taycan get tested – So smooth

Walter Röhrl does not like electric cars. What?! Oh, well, he plainly says so in the video above.

The world-famous race car driver, best known for his rally career, has petrol running through his veins. Still, he contends that shouldn’t exclude him from taking one for a little test drive. Especially if the EV we’re talking about here is the Porsche Taycan, the battery-powered sports sedan set to arrive in 2020.

Herr Röhrl has a fondness for the German brand. It was from behind the steering wheel of a Porsche 944 GTR LM that he finished first in his class (7th overall) at Le Mans in 1981. Judging from his reaction here, it seems the automaker is on the right track. Röhrl reckons that despite it lacking an internal combustion engine, it’s still very much a Porsche.

How did it go, you can see in the video below;

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