VW diesel scandal not slowing down

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This Monday, State of Missouri filed the law suit against Volkswagen due to the diesel emission scandal. After California, New York, Texas, New Jersey and 12 more, Missouri becomes 17th state in U.S. that take legal action against the auto maker.

“Volkswagen’s actions demonstrate a flagrant disregard for Missouri’s environmental laws, as well as the health and welfare of Missourians,” said in a statement on Chris Koster General Attorney of Missouri.

On the same day VW stated that “company is committed to reach a fair and efficient resolution of remaining federal and state diesel claims in the United States, reviewing Missouri’s complaint and will respond appropriately.”

Volkswagen agreed to pay U.S. lawyers suing over emissions $175 million

Earlier this month, in another step to move past its cheating scandal, VW has agreed to pay $175 million to U.S. lawyers suing the German automaker on behalf of the owners of 475,000 polluting cars. In August, the lawyers in the class action litigation sought up to $332.5 million in fees and costs for their work in a $10 billion settlement that gives U.S. owners of 2.0 liter polluting cars the ability to sell back their vehicles to Volkswagen (VW). The agreement means that German automotive giant will pay up to $16.7 billion compensation.

During the summer it was reported that almost half of all owners affected by the 2.0-liter VW TDI settlement program are decided to sell their cars back to Volkswagen. Owners want VW to buy their cars back rather than wait for the automaker to approve and implement a fix.

It seems that in addition with the scandal issues, company is facing with the realization of business plans. Even though it’s indicated that diesel models may be back on sale in the U.S. in 2017, it appears it will not.

VW CEO Matthias Mueller said that the future is in electric. “Nevertheless, classic powertrains will continue to play a key role for the next two decades, at least. We must and we will press ahead with the evolution of diesel and petrol engines. And at the same time, we will progress with alternative technologies”.

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