Volvo threw cars from a height of 30 meters, realistic tests to increase passenger safety

Worldwide, Volvo is known for its commitment to vehicle safety. In addition to research and simulations, Volvo often uses crash tests in real conditions.

10 different Volvo models were destroyed in the tests

The goal of this unusual Volvo test was to have rescue services better prepared for accident-related activities and to simulate the forces acting on a vehicle in the most extreme conditions.

As a result, Volvo threw several vehicles from a height of 30 meters.

This unusual approach helped Volvo to simulate the damage caused by an accident in a high-speed vehicle, a traffic accident after hitting a truck at high speed, or an accident in which the vehicle receives a severe side impact.

After such traffic accidents, the CW in the vehicle probably survived severe injuries, so the priority is to be transported to the hospital as soon as possible. In such situations, the rule of the so-called “golden hour” applies, which is necessary for passengers to get out of the car and escape to the hospital.

The results of such tests should contribute to the management of rescue operations and speed up the entire process. What is especially good is the fact that these results will be publicly available to all rescue services.


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