Volkswagens 10 years plan – more SUV-s, more EV-s

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On the press conference in the new tower of Volkswagen “Markenhochhaus”, CEO of the German car producer Herbert Diess, presented new plan for the next 10 years.  Plan is simple and strong, Volkswagen will work on more SUV-s and EV-s

Diess told that they have slept through a few trends, especially when it comes to the SUV boom, and he announced 19 SUVs by 2020.  “By 2025, Volkswagen wants to sell one million electric vehicles per year, and become the worldwide market leader in electro mobility,” Diess announced. VW CEO clearly stated that the goal is high and strategy ambitious to sell 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2025.

VW adapts key design center for autonomous driving

In order to prepare the company for the next fast innovations in auto industry and routing to the autonomous driving, VW Group is going to restructure its most important studio in Potsdam, Germany, developing a Digital UX (user experience). Changes are going to be dramatically strong and it will provide that VW Group will create more technologically advanced, user-friendly vehicles in the long term. Designers were worked 60 percent for the Volkswagen brand, but now more work will be assumed by in-house teams at Audi, Seat, and VW as well as the designer studios in California and Beijing.

Nevertheless, the advantage of this change is that designers will be included in creation of technologies from the start. Shifting the studio’s focus away from production proposals will give designers more time to explore solutions and test usability outcomes for new UX and HMI concepts for all VW’s brands, and enable a cognitive approach to future product.

“The big issue is autonomous driving: How will we use our time,” said Peter Wouda, who is director of design at the Volkswagen Future Center Europe near Berlin. He added: “There are lots of opportunities to shape the brands and provide clear differences in Audi and Bentley. We will see concepts that will show pragmatic approaches, but also how we can have fun in an autonomous car.”

At the same time with the news about the VW plans came an info that company may earn revenue from the $2 billion, required to spend on zero-emission vehicle projects, under terms of its settlement of environmental violations.

The automaker’s nearly $15 billion settlement to resolve violations stemming from improper diesel emissions requires it to spend $2 billion on zero-emission vehicle projects over the next decade, including $800 million in California and the remainder in the 49 other states. EPA enforcement chief Cynthia Giles said “nothing” in the consent decree prohibits VW “from obtaining revenue” from projects that receive that funding.

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