Volkswagen want to add a catalytic converter to affected models.

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In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal that was revealed late last year, the automaker has come up with a potential fix for the vehicles involved. VW engineers have proposed using a catalytic converter that could be fitted to 430,000 of the affected vehicles in the U.S., according to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag.

Volkswagen has not yet commented on this report, but a source familiar with the situation spoke with Reuters, saying that a proposal for a technical solution included the use of a new catalytic converter system made from new materials.

Volkswagen in USA

The German automaker and the U.S. authorities continue to go back and forth on potential fixes for those vehicles with the emission cheating devices, but as sales for the automaker are affected, a solution is needed. Volkswagen may even start buying back those diesel models involved with the emissions scandal, or at the very least, offer them a new model at a heavily discounted price.

However, before this fix can be put into action, the automaker must get prior approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Authority, which VW CEO Matthias Mueller hopes to gain during a meeting in the coming week in Washington, according to Bild am Sonntag.

Source: Reuters

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