Volkswagen ID. Electric Car Sales Hit New Record

Volkswagen Group China reports a significant decrease in total vehicle deliveries in China during the first half of 2022. The volume in Mainland China and Hong Kong amounted to 1.47 million vehicles (down 20.5% year-over-year). That includes 1,081,700 Volkswagen and its Jetta sub-brand (down 18.8% year-over-year).

According to the company, the performance was heavily impacted by prolonged COVID-19 restrictions that caused closures of plants (specifically at two local production centers Changchun and Shanghai), supply bottlenecks, and a slump in sales.

On the positive side, easing restrictions nationwide and the lifting of the Shanghai lockdown in June allowed VW to rapidly improve sales. Last month, Volkswagen Group sold 340,800 vehicles, which is 27.2% more than a year ago.

Plug-in car sales
Volkswagen brand’s plug-in electric car sales more than doubled during the first half of this year to 75,900 (up 107.4%), which is some 7% of the total volume.

Almost 80% of that falls on the all-electric Volkswagen ID. models – 59,400 (up 751% year-over-year) or 5.5% of the total volume.

Volkswagen ID. sales significantly improved thanks to the strong June with a new record of over 17,600 units.

Volkswagen ID. sales in China:

June: 17,600 (new record)
Q1: 27,100 (up 3,225%)
Q2: 32,300 (up 424%)
H1: 59,400 (up 751%)
On top of 59,400 Volkswagen ID., during the first half of the year, the Volkswagen Group sold also some 4,100 other all-electric cars in China for a total of 63,500. Sales of plug-in hybrids by the group amounted to some 12,400.

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