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Volkswagen hopes it will hit the market, by the end of this decade, with a concept electric car. The Volkswagen I.D. will debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, representing a new electric drive system and autonomous features.

Details aren’t released yet, but we know the compact car are offering and electric motor that makes around 168 hp. The producers are saying that I.D. has a range between 400 and 600 km (249-373 miles) and will launch at the same time when new Golf is launching, year 2020.

Volkswagen’s new commitment electric vehicles will come out with their first product – the I.D

Volkswagen’s new commitment electric vehicles will come out with their first product – the I.D. Volkswagen is planning to launch more than 30 battery electric cars by 2025, as we said before. The I.D. is just on the flexible new MEB toolkit. That shouls accommodate larger vehicles the size of BUDD-e concept van that first showed up at beginning of this year as a preview of the producers EV efforts.

VW says that I.D. will add a fully automated driving mode to the vehicle, after it comes to the market. This mode will arrive in 2025. It will have steering wheel that is retracting into dashboard which provides more room in already large cabir. I.D. will also be able to receive packages if i’s owner isn’t at home. This feature seems like in-car delivery service we could see from Volvo.

VW will also represent, at the Paris show, a new urban mobility division which will be 13th brand of the VW Group.The new division still has no name, but VW is surely doing good for the future of driving.

For more news about VW I.D., until the Paris Motor Show, stay tuned.

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