Utah YouTuber Gets His Corvette Impounded For Speeding

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Do the crime, pay the fine…

Some people weren’t disciplined enough or at least not consistently enough by their parents when they were young. That’s the only explanation I have for people who think they can break the law any way they wish, then whine about it and expect everyone to shower them with sympathy. This played out in especially dramatic fashion recently when a YouTuber used his modified 1,000-whp Corvette to go 120 mph right in front of a cop.

A stunt like that won’t make any police officer just shrug it off. Even if they’re the coolest cop ever, flouting the law that much demands a response of some sort. Apparently, this guy didn’t realize that law enforcement can take your car away just like daddy probably should have done back in the day. Welcome to the consequences of your actions.

This guy seems to feel the worst-case scenario for this situation is having his car impounded. At the beginning of the video, he remarks as the Corvette is loaded onto the wrecker “homie out here to the full extent of the law.” In most places when you’re caught exceeding the speed limit, you don’t just get your ride taken away temporarily, you also go to jail. There are some jurisdictions where they even go so far as to seize your precious vehicle so you don’t get it back. To go full drama queen acting like the cop threw the book at you just is too much. Then again, so many YouTubers love to overreact like they’re in some bad 90s sitcom or maybe guest starring on an episode of Melrose Place.

I’ve personally dealt with Utah Highway Patrol in more than one capacity and know most troopers are no-nonsense types (at least that was the case a few years ago). The one who pulled him over was exceptionally nice. Most don’t take kindly to turning I-15 into a raceway nor should they.

I’ll admit, I’d be more sympathetic to this guy’s plight if he weren’t whining so much in his video. The guy works overtime to try making you feel sorry for him, to the point he comes off as entitled. You doo the crime, you pay the fine, and you learn to not do stupid stuff again – that’s life. He’s lucky he wasn’t calling daddy to bail him out on top of everything else or maybe having his friend with the Bugatti spot him some pocket change for bail. The law in Utah was recently changed so reckless driving or going 105 mph or over is a Class B Misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail.

Another thing: the intro to this guy’s videos makes it plainly obvious he likes to do illegal things on public roads in Utah. He and his buddies even joke around about cops pulling them over, getting in trouble big time, etc. Don’t tell me they’re completely ignorant to the risks they take with their rides, let alone the potential danger they put innocent people in just for some YouTube loving. This is the part of car culture I really hate. It’s reckless, irresponsible, and makes the hobby look like it’s full of a bunch of rich, entitled, spoiled brats who don’t care about anyone else.

Check out the video if you want, but I don’t blame you for not wanting to give the guy more views.

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