Toyota is making changes in accordance with the plan

Last week Toyota made the changes in executive management as it was planned in order to stay more agile on the world market and to increase competitive performances. At the same time introducing of Bob Carter, Bill Fay and Jack Hollis as main players in North America, is just lead of the long term plans, and realization for this year. Toyota’s chief communications officer for North America Scott Vazin, said that there’s really no shock to the system over this. Rather, the moves are part of an annual revision as the company heads into its new fiscal year, he added.

Bob Carter’s new position is executive vice president of sales for Toyota Motor North America, with responsibility for sales, marketing, distribution and customer service for Toyota and Lexus. Carter, who reports to North American CEO Jim Lentz, was also named executive general manager at the parent company in Japan. Carter’s current portfolio will take over Bill Fay, and according to his own words he will continue to attend dealer events, but will be more engage in his new Lexus responsibilities. Jack Hollis who was previously the head of Toyota division marketing, now takes over from Fay and will be responsible for sales and customer relations.

Consolidation of the Toyota Motor Corp. caused changes in North America

Consolidation implies changes in the board from 11 to nine decision making members.  President Akio Toyoda has been restructuring Toyota to reduce bureaucracy as it expands to global volume of 10 million vehicles and grapples with increasingly complex worldwide operations.

Toyota issued a statement on this matter: “Let us come together to create work processes that allow us to remain viable in an era in which we are producing and selling 10 million vehicles a year.” The change is meant to draw a clearer line between board members who lay out broad corporate strategy, and operating officers who carry out the plans, Toyota said.

Changes are going to happened in Japan also. Some top executives will be shuffled, like board members Mitsuhisa Kato, 64, responsible for advanced research, and Takahiko Ijichi, the current CFO.  Osamu Nagata, 60, who is currently executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America, will return to Japan as the new CFO.  Seiya Nakao, president of the Toyota Technical Center, will become senior managing officer in charge of China operations.  Among other changes at the global level, Yoshihiro Sawa executive vice president of Toyota’s luxury brand was promoted to president of Lexus International Co.

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