Today’s battery not good for Porsche?!

The electric Porsche Taycan is just right around the corner…

Porsche’s new 911 sports car stunned the crowd at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and that’s hardly a surprise. Every new generation of the iconic model causes a stir with its premiere, but the 992 generation is even more special as it could become the very first hybridized 911 in the entire history of the German manufacturer.

Porsche is giving mixed signals

First, it was announced the hybrid 911 will come by 2022, but now it turns out that might not happen in this generation of the car. Apparently, the automaker is not happy with today’s battery technology and that fact could force it to wait further until the batteries get better.

“Today the battery technology wouldn’t be satisfying for us, and if it doesn’t satisfy us then we won’t offer it”.  August Achleitner, the head of the 911 range, told Drive at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. “It doesn’t make sense to offer a hybrid version which will just stay in the showroom.”

If the technology improves significantly in the next years, Porsche is open not only to hybridize the 911 but also to give it purely electric propulsion. 

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