So, you’re on your way to buy a new car, and everything seems to be going according to plan. The car salesman isn’t a soulless money-grabber, and the machine itself is in perfect condition. Quite happy, you put cash on the table, sign the deal and jump straight into your new car to cruise around the block a little and drive it home. The neighbors look at you with awe. You can’t be happier when you reach your garage door. You click the little button, and it starts to open. Okay, it’s time to park your new car. Somehow, you forgot you have a garage full of items that can easily damage your new vehicle. Also, that can of red paint you left open on the shelf… You can finish the rest of the story yourself. A lot of things can happen to your car while you try to park in the garage. We’ll try to help and give you tips to avoid damage when parking your car in the garage. You’ll thank us later.

Declutter your garage

The opened can of red paint on your garage shelf is back in the game. If you have items like that all over the place where your car spends most of its time, something’s bound to happen. Keeping a tidy and clean garage will save you the trouble of paying for the damage done. Also, a dirty garage isn’t even safe for people. You can easily trip or slip on an oil puddle. Most folks have so many unnecessary things in their garages you wouldn’t even believe it! Even though not many people are real hoarders, they do like to store things they shouldn’t in their garages. So, be smart and keep your garage clean! There are also many useful things that don’t belong there. Store them somewhere else to make sure you don’t damage them also. Decrease the accident risk to a bare minimum!

A cluttered garage

Even though you can’t say most people are hoarders, something about the way they like their garages tells a weird story.

Take it slow

Let’s say you’re late for work and you want to get the car out of the garage as soon as possible. Well, that’s a recipe for disaster, as many folks learned the hard way. Okay, there’s no need to be that serious, but really – you won’t gain much by trying to get your car out of there in no time. You can only damage your vehicle. Also, you’ll still be late for work, which you wanted to avoid in the first place. There’s no need to speed things up with your new car. Take it slow! You’ll need some time to adjust. After a while, you won’t have to be that cautious, but always make sure to pay attention to your mirrors and blind spots so that you don’t lose your nerves and money on something so benign.

When’s the last time you serviced your garage door?

It’s storytime once again. This time we’ve prepared a concise one. You’re coming back home from work, tired and in need of some serious rest. The garage door opens! You slowly start to park inside! The garage door collapses on the back of your car! That’s all. There’s probably no need to assume how you’d react to this scenario. To prevent misfortune from happening, regularly check your garage door for potential issues. Although it sounds strange, like something straight out of a Simpsons episode, this happens to folks all around the country.

A pink garage door

Although this garage door seems very innocent, it can easily damage your car if not serviced regularly.

The tennis ball solution!

This time we won’t tell a story. The title of the paragraph needs an explanation this very moment! We don’t know who came up with this solution, but it gets the job done if you don’t have visual assistance. By hanging a tennis ball lightly above your front windshield, you’ll easily know when to stop while pulling in so that you don’t bump into the garage wall. Now, who would’ve thought of that? Also, it’s an excellent way to handle parking for people learning to drive.

A close-up photo of a tennis ball

By hanging a tennis ball above your front windshield, you’ll know when’s the right time to stop the car. Just so you don’t bump into the wall.


Wheel chocks, anyone?

If your house is on an incline, you might need to think about getting yourself some wheel chocks or something that will make your car stop at the right moment before it hits the garage door. That way, you’ll know both your garage door and your car are safe from damage.

Install better lighting in your garage

Last but not least on our list of tips to avoid damage when parking your car in the garage is a paragraph concerned with lighting. You might need to install a quality lighting system in your garage that will prevent you from bumping into something while parking your car inside a poorly lit space. If you have a faulty lightning system in your garage, consider getting some quality LED lights. It’s really not so hard to be cautious with this.

To reach a conclusion

So, that was that. These were some of the tips to avoid damage when parking your car in the garage. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. Firstly, declutter your garage space. Who knows what kind of items you keep in there and how they might damage your car? Also, make sure to never rush getting out while going to work or something like that. You won’t gain much time, and the consequences are worse than being late! Don’t forget to check your garage door for issues regularly! Hang a tennis ball, even if it looks weird. That way, you’ll know to stop before hitting a wall. The same goes for getting wheel chocks. Finally, installing better lighting in your garage will prevent you from losing your head in the dark.