Mercedes-Benz has just revealed its second purpose-built electric sedan, the EQE, to sit below the EQS flagship in its lineup of EQ-branded EVs. The EQE is very similar in design to the EQS (even though the first is a sedan and the second is actually a hatchback), both inside and out, but the former is a bit smaller, lighter, and more affordable.

In terms of size, the EQE sits on a 122.9-inch (3.12-meter) wheelbase, while the EQS has a wheelbase of 126.4 inches (3.21 meters), so there’s about a 4-inch (10 cm) difference. Official curb weight has not yet been confirmed for the EQE, but it won’t be significantly lighter than the EQS, which weighs 5,302 pounds (2,405 kg) in a similar single-motor configuration.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350

Some of the weight saving for the EQE will undoubtedly come from the smaller battery compared to that of the EQS, which is currently only available with a 107.8 kWh pack (regardless if you go for the EQS 450+ or the 580 4Matic). In the EQE, which was only shown in EQE 350 spec, Mercedes went for a 90.6 kWh battery that grants the vehicle a WLTP range of 660 km (410 miles), down on the EQS 450+, which is rated at 770 km (478 miles).

Mercedes lists this vehicles main rivals as the Porsche TaycanTesla Model SAudi E-Tron GTLucid Air and BMW i4. Pricing for the EQE has not yet been announced, and we’re pretty sure the 350 won’t be the only version available – expect to see dual-motor and AMG variants later down the line.


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